Run 01: Saddleworth Moor


So we'll be aiming to post a new run every couple of weeks, including the routes, and time-lapse footage.

Starting off here with a run very local to me, going from Shaw to Saddleworth Moors, towards Huddersfield and back. Around an hours drive for the full route, and can be done at quite a fast pace. 

Filmed on two different days (hence the weather change). Unfortunately the day I filmed this I encountered a bit of traffic - as it was a Saturday - but Sundays and weekdays generally traffic free.

Speed cameras only when you approach villages - I can live that.

Once you hit the signs for the Titanic Spa from A62, you can take the left, and literally guess your way to the other side, where you'll find A640 - which is just awesome - if a little bit bumpy. A little warning though if you take the left from Titanic Spa, the roads are a little unkept, and tight when you cutting across and heading towards A640. Alternatively take the longer smoother and more boring route - driving upto Huddersfield and then coming back over A640.

Enjoy - if you prefer non-timelapsed footage - let me know in comments section below :)