Just bought one of these and no, it's not a gun...

Being a petrol head and living in an apartment sometimes has its drawbacks. Mainly having the space to store all your rides bits and bobs. And if you live in an apartment, it generally means washing your car involves in going to one of those dodgy car washes that are fronts for laundering money Breaking Bad style. (Or so I think).

But this little ingenious bit of kit is brilliant, ish.

What is it?
It’s called a Work HydroShot. And it’s pressure washer for people who don’t have an outdoor tap. Basically apartment peoples.

Hows it work?
You buy all your usual cleaning products, but instead of plugging in a standard pressure washer - like Karcher into an external tap, you stick the hose for the HydroShot into a big bucket of water, which it then sucks up and sprays out under pressure.

Does it work?

First impression on use?
This is awesome!

Impression after a few goes?
Needs some improvements.

Is it any good though?
It’s good enough but not perfect. It has a decent amount of pressure - probably not as powerful as a Karcher, but you’ll be able to clean your car to a very good finish, if you take your time and have all the other bits and bobs to clean your car.

Is it convenient
Yes in terms of it being the best option if you want to clean your car yourself without an external tap. But it’s not a quick and easy job, as you’ll most likely require to refill your bucket of clean water a couple of times, and if you live in a high rise apartment (I’m only on the first floor), then I’d probably wouldn’t recommend it.

Whats the worst thing about it
The suction hose where the water is sucked up isn’t weighed down, meaning as you move around the car the suction port pops out of your water bucket, so you quite often have to reposition the hose to help the suction port stay submersed in your water bucket so as to not loose pressure.

Also the clip to attached the hose to your bucket, to help with this is actually quite useless.

Anything else we should know?
I bought a 10 litre bucket with a lid, and drilled a hole at the top for the hose pipe to go inside. It more or less means I can do the wash without having to go and refill the bucket, but all depends on how grubby your car is. Expect to refill your clean water bucket once (if it’s a 10 litre bucket).

The battery will last for one wash easily and two washes if your not taking too long or have a small car. The battery does take a good 5-7 hours to fully charge though, so make sure you start your wash with a full battery.

How much is it?
£120 from Amazon + £9.99 for the shampoo foamer bottle

Would I buy it again?
Since winter is coming, I probably would have probably delayed buying it til spring time, as I’m not sure I want to faff around in the cold, trying to wash my car. I don’t regret buying it, and I will continue using it, but I will need to add a small weight to the suction port to keep it submersed properly. This should more or less make it decent enough for me to say its a useful product.

My missus’s dog didn’t look too impressed…

My missus’s dog didn’t look too impressed…