The £36,000 speeding ticket

Whats the biggest speeding ticket you’ve received? Whatever it might be, I’m pretty sure it won’t be anywhere near as high as the British dude who just got caught speeding by every speeding camera on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, in the space of four hours!


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For those who’ve never been to Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road is a 12 lane highway with near perfect tarmac that runs straight through city from one end to the other (roughly a 10km stretch). Back in the day when I first moved to Dubai, this highway literally had 3 speed cameras, creating the perfect environment for supercars and having dubious fun at unmentionable speeds.

I myself racked up a total of £2000 worth of speeding tickets during 2009, as well as receiving an impound notice for breaking the speed limit by a little bit too much! Fast forward to 2018 - the highway has speed cameras every 100 metres or so, making it that bit more difficult to hit silly speeds. And to be fair, it’s a good thing.

Dubai is a melting pot of all different nationalities, each with their own style of driving. And a lot of people who think they can drive fast safely, actually can’t. Before the speed cameras existed, there were a lot of road accidents primarily down to speeding, and as much as I love the idea of being able to zoom around in a AMG GT in the city, I guess I have to begrudgingly agree with the idea of them.

Fortunately Dubai and the UAE still has plenty of awesome roads to drive on heading out of the city, and some roads that are truly epic once you hit the mountains. And I’m lucky enough to have driven on most of them. 

As for the dude with the £36,000 speeding fine, he probably should have taken a bit more care and attention when driving a supercar that he didn’t rent himself. And since he is also unemployed in the UK, he’s going to have a very interesting few months ahead of him trying to clear the fine.

He has one hell of a story to tell his grand kids tho.