Whats a typical day on one of the tours?

A typical day begins with breakfast at the hotel. Soon after, we would be taking a run out for a solid 1-2 hours. During the run out, you'll encounter great A and B roads and amazing landscapes. Its upto each car to decide whether to follow our lead car, (as you'll be given both printed and a digital route map for your mobile device), or whether you want to go at your own faster, or slower pace. There'll be opportunities for photo stops, which will be highlighted on your routes.

Typically each day we would have a variety of different runs of varying length. Lunch is usually around 1pm for 1 hour 15 minutes (not included in the cost). The location will be pre-selected, but everyone is free to go do their own thing.

Each run will take drivers to destinations of interest, but our focus is on ensuring the routes and roads we take, are the most interesting to drive. 


Whats included in the cost?

The hotels, breakfast, the digital routes, individually printed guide, and the lead car. Our lead will be going at its own pace. It’s upto each car to keep pace or to go faster as they please.

Dependant on the run, a group dinner will be included on some tours, for the first and penultimate day of the tour.


Is it a rally, race or time trial?

The Black run is none of the above. It's about taking people who enjoy cars through awesome roads, and amazing scenery. Safety is of upmost importance and as you should all know, all local laws, and highway code rules apply.


What type of cars can I expect?

Dependant on the rally, we expect a diverse variety of cars to be in attendance.


What happens in the evenings?

The evenings are free for you to do as you want. The hotels we select will have a bar / restaurant, so we would naturally be there for an informal gathering for a drink or coffee or two.

For the Black Run Emirates, we will be looking to select something a bit more special at the beginning and end of the tour. These would be add on options - to keep the basic cost as competitive as possible.


What happens if I breakdown?

As per the road trip rules set by our peers, Clarkson, Hammond and May, those that breakdown should have bought a better car! But on a serious note, we would naturally do our upmost to help, but we cannot be held responsible for issues encountered with your car. We recommend you subscribe to European breakdown cover with one of the major car breakdown companies.


Is it difficult to do?

If you like driving, then simply no. The Black Run is only for people who love driving. If you love cars, but would much rather keep them in your garage in pristine condition, we respect that - but our belief is cars are designed to driven. We exist to ensure you get to drive your cars, on the best roads available. If six hours of driving doesn't sound like fun to you, the Black Run probably isn't for you.