Book your spot on the Black Run Europe

Saturday 22nd of June - Sunday 30th of June.

9 days / 8 nights hotel stay with breakfast / Option to extend by 1 night
One car / 2 people
Standard return tickets on the Euro Tunnel



Book early to avoid disappointment.
Regular price is £1900 per car for two people.
No deposit is required to reserve your spot before 15th December 2018.

A £200 deposit will be requested after the 16th December 2018 to secure your place.
Full payment will be requested in February 2018.

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Bookings are based on two people per car. If you wish to bring more than one passenger, there will be a significant fee increase which we'll inform you in advance.
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Please specify if you'd prefer an extra day in Europe
This costs €6 per person, or €3 if your an official Porsche Club member and is 2 hours long in duration. Advanced booking is required. We will arrange the booking free of charge. Payment will be made directly to Porsche.
Would you like your car to be branded in our stickers? *
Stickers will be applied to the rear and both sides of your car, and will be sent out to you by post, 1 month in advance of the tour.
Would you be interested in a custom livery design - specific to you car only? *
Note: This would be a significant additional cost, and will be priced on a case by case basis.
Please let us know the points of interest you think you'll be visiting. *
These would all be at an additional cost, paid directly to the vendor prior to the Black Run start date. They are also subject to availability.
Euro-Tunnel return leg ticket *
We can arrange a flexi-plus return ticket on the journey back to Folkstone. However, there will be an additional charge for this in the region of £160 dependant on time booked.
Preferred payment method
There will be toll roads on some of the routes - all toll fees are your responsibility and is not covered by the Black Run. *
We would do our best to avoid toll roads, but sometimes this is unavoidable. The first and last day or the tour we will encounter toll roads, and the odd few routes during the tour. All extra costs associated with the tour are the responsibility of each car and individual on the tour. The tour costs include hotel rooms, breakfast, return tickets from Folkstone to Calais, and our lead car, and recommended routes in both digital and printed formats. It is upto each individual car to keep pace.